The James Hambro & Partners group (JH&P) looks after the investment affairs of private clients, families, trusts, charities and not-for-profit organisations. We offer an integrated service that combines institutional-quality investment management and first class private client service. We are independently owned, operating on a partnership model that enables us to put our clients first and to attract some of the very best talent and experience available in our industry.

Our starting point is uncomplicated – it is that our clients:

- Need us to listen to them carefully and understand their individual objectives before we respond with specific proposals

- Deserve maximum security for their capital assets and, just as importantly, for their income

- Should have access to any investment opportunity that can help preserve or enhance their wealth, providing it meets our rigorous criteria for liquidity and underlying value and meets the client’s investment objectives and risk profile

- Must have direct access to their portfolio manager to receive the highest level of service.

Our most important objective - the defining test of our success – is the protection of client wealth in real terms.

Our goal is to deliver a consistently superior performance through customised investment portfolios. Our investment process is based on our own rigorous stock selection and strategic asset allocation. This creates the best opportunity to safeguard and grow investor wealth in real terms, and with within pre-defined risk boundaries. Our capability is reinforced by a close relationship with J O Hambro Capital Management Ltd, one of the UK’s most successful award-winning specialist investment boutiques.

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