Sinfonia Asset Management Ltd, as sponsor of the IFSL Sinfonia OEIC has designed an investment proposition designed to support IFAs and their clients through the investment advice process. Sinfonia brings together a unique combination of market leading tools and relevant experts to create a commonsense, complete solution.

Part of the Tenet Group, Sinfonia Asset Management is a company in its own right and was established from a desire to offer something unique in terms of both service and proposition. Sinfonia has designed an end-to-end investment process that offers the client a value for money product whilst rewarding the adviser and other service providers more fairly.

You'll find at its heart the relationship shared between financial advisers and their clients. You'll also discover that it's designed to maximise investments based on a client's financial goals and aspirations.

When clients invest they're investing in the IFSL Sinfonia OEIC - which can also be wrapped in an ISA. This is a fund of funds proposition which offers access to many of the biggest names in the investment world and one which allows your clients' portfolios to be diversified in a way that probably couldn't be achieved through individual investment.

Sinfonia Asset Management Ltd is not authorised or regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

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