Brooks Macdonald Group is an independent company that specialises in providing investment management services in the UK and internationally. The Group, which was founded in 1991 and began trading on AIM in 2005, has discretionary funds under management (FUM) of £12.8 billion as at 31 March 2019.

Through its core divisions, Brooks Macdonald offers a range of investment management services and advice to individuals, pension funds, institutions, charities and trusts. The Group also provides offshore fund management and administration services and acts as fund manager to regulated OEICs, providing specialist funds in the property and absolute return sectors.

The Group has offices across the UK and the Channel Islands including London, East Anglia, Wales, Scotland, Guernsey, Hampshire, Jersey, Leamington Spa, Manchester, Taunton, Tunbridge Wells and York.

We have been appointed by IFSL to manage and distribute the five sub-funds of the IFSL Brooks Macdonald Fund.

IFSL Brooks Macdonald Balanced Fund
IFSL Brooks Macdonald Cautious Growth Fund
IFSL Brooks Macdonald Defensive Capital Fund
IFSL Brooks Macdonald Defensive Income Fund
IFSL Brooks Macdonald Strategic Growth Fund

IFSL Brooks Macdonald Defensive Capital Fund

The Defensive Capital Fund is managed by Brooks Macdonald Fund Manager, Dr Niall O'Connor. The fund is designed to provide investors with an opportunity to attain the stability of bonds while maintaining exposure to potential equity upsides. The fund aims to achieve long-term capital growth that is independent of equity market performance. The fund accomplishes this by investing in a range of defensive assets – investments that are generally lower risk and less volatile than equities, and don’t rely on market growth to achieve returns – such as preference shares, convertibles and structured notes.

Multi-Asset Fund range

The remaining four funds form our Multi-Asset Fund range, which is managed by our Multi-Asset team and led by Director, Jonathan Webster-Smith. Our Multi-Asset Fund range allows investors to gain access to our discretionary management expertise and proven central investment process through a pooled fund solution, otherwise known as a collective investment scheme. By differing their levels of equity exposure, our range of four risk-managed multi-asset funds cater for both investors seeking capital growth and more cautious investors looking to generate income while preserving their capital.



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