What this means for investors FAQs

COVID-19: In following government advice on social distancing and to ensure the well-being of our staff, our current preferred methods of dealing are detailed below. If you can’t email or telephone us, we can still accept paper documents although there may be a delay in processing these instructions due to our reliance on the postal service.

What this means for investors

How to invest your money

1. To open a new account and invest

To open a new account please complete and sign the relevant application form found under the literature section of the website. The application form must then be scanned or clearly photographed and emailed to dealing@ifslfunds.com. Please ensure an email address or telephone number is listed on the application form so that we may easily contact you if there are any issues. Deals on new accounts cannot be placed until we have received both the emailed application form and the payment (see below for how to send payment).

2. Invest in an existing account by email

To place a deal via email please complete the relevant form as found under the literature section of the website. This can then be scanned or clearly photographed and sent to dealing@ifslfunds.com. Any subscriptions into ISA accounts will only be placed once we are in receipt of both the instruction and payment. Please refer to the ‘Payment details for investments’ section below.

3. Invest into an existing account by phone

To place a deal on an existing account over the phone please call the dealing line on 0808 164 5458. A dealer will take you through the security process and will be able to take the deal from you.

If you are placing a subscription, we ask that you send payment as detailed below.

Please note: If you are looking to top up your ISA and have not invested in the current or previous tax year we will require a completed ISA application form. We will accept a scanned or clearly photographed copy of the form sent to us at dealing@ifslfunds.com . For ISA subscriptions we will be unable to place the deal until we have received payment.

4. Payment details for investments

If you are unable to send payment electronically we can accept a cheque for payment. If you are sending payment electronically the details are as follows:

Account Name: IFSL – Client Account
Account No: 54597761
Sort Code: 40-05-30
IBAN: GB85MIDL40053054597761

Please use your name, your IFSL account number or holder ID as a reference so that we can match this up with your deal instruction. Not adding a reference to the payment may delay the deal being placed or result in the deal being rejected.

5. Selling your investments

For redemption deals where we have not received a signed instruction (for example if placed over the phone) we will send you a renunciation form. Ideally, we will send this to an email provided by yourself. There may be a delay to you receiving any renunciation forms sent via post.

Please put your bank details on the form and send a scanned or clearly photographed copy of this to settlements@ifslfunds.com . The bank details quoted on the renunciation form must be that of the account holder with us. Joint accounts will be accepted.

All proceeds will be sent direct to your bank account, we will not be sending cheques at this time.

6. Keeping your account records up to date

For any account updates you may need to action (for example a change of address) please email registration@ifslfunds.com where our team will provide you with more information on how to proceed.

7. Sending secure emails

If you are sending any documents via email it is best to ensure that they are sent securely. You can find guidance for sending secure emails here https://ifslfunds.com/2020/08/28/guidance-for-secure-emails/

Contact Us

If you would like to provide additional information, bank details, or you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact us on:

Phone:             0808 178 9321               +44 1204 803 932
Email:              IFSLClientSupport@marlboroughfunds.com